How to submit an article or op-ed to Daily Hypocrite


Daily Hypocrite accepts opinion articles on just about any topic. Articles typically run from about 400 to 800 words, but we have a preference for pithy when possible.

Daily Hypocrite doesn’t have a political bias or lean, we work hard to showcase multiple sides of an issue, and we appreciate underreported stories. We seek and showcase intelligent commentary.

The Daily Hypocrite publication covers a wide variety of topics.

We’re interested in everything, and not just looking for political opinions. We need diverse thought on a wide range of topics and consider pieces that are well written, concise, and of interest to our readers.

People don’t write for us for the money; since we don’t pay for op-eds. They write to influence thought and to share an idea or an exciting story.

Our publication’s ‘take’ is unpredictable, and we’re interested in sharing beyond our walls and experiences to expand the reader’s point of view.

So, what makes the cuts?

We search for op-eds that are meaningful, different, or amusing, your view on a sharable human-interest story, acts of hypocrisy, or perhaps a different look at an ongoing problem for our A Dog’s Breakfast section.

We like original pieces crafted in conversational English that capture our attention, something no one else seems to be saying, not overwritten essays. It should have a clear point of view supported by evidence. We reserve the right to make editorial tweaks for clarity, fact-checking, style, and grammar. However, our editors are careful not to alter your opinions.

Please think brevity as our readers tend to drop in throughout their busy day.

Submission guidelines: We won’t publish an op-ed on Daily Hypocrite that has been published before, in any form. Submissions should be limited to 800 words. They must include the writer’s full name. Anonymous or pseudonym written op-eds will not be accepted. Also, we ask writers to include home address, email address and phone numbers for our internal use if needed. Your personal information will never be shared. Please make us aware of any personal or financial interest in the subject at hand.

We receive a large volume of material and cannot reply to all submissions. However, we know your article is important to you, if you haven’t heard back in 7 days, please feel free to submit your writing to other publications for consideration.

Please forward in a Word Document to 

Editorial Group