The word hypocrite came into English from the ancient Greek word for “actor,” hypokrites. The Greek word itself directly translates as “an interpreter from underneath” since actors in classical Greek theater wore large masks that represented the character they were playing.

As our tongue-in-cheek name therefore implies, Daily Hypocrite came into being to offer readers of breaking news and current events something more than a collection of articles from a predictable point of view.

With editorial freedom and a spirit to publish all sides of the story, the Daily Hypocrite provides impartial, thoughtfully curated, up-to-the-second content in a “quick read” format from a diverse group of talented writers, which is intelligently distilled by Daily Hypocrite editors.

Daily Hypocrite is building a case for optimism by igniting open, meaningful informed exchanges.

Our skeptical, not critical approach, dismantles misleading headlines, outcome politics, and hyper-moralizing by delivering multiple opinions, sources and facts to our intellectually curious and well-informed audience.


Michael Allen, Editor in Chief